Bib Assignments

Bib assignments will be posted the first week of April on this site! This will be the first draft and there is not a lot of room for changes. So, before you fire up your email to request an assignment change please realize that if all 1,650 of you did the same it would be impossible to meet the needs of everyone. If you do have an all-out legitimate reason (it's gotta be good please) to request a bib change it must be emailed to the race directors by 8:00 p.m. on April 9, 2019. Final bib assignments will be posted on April 22, 2019.

So, how do we determine bib assignments? There are many factors that play in; however we do our best, even in each of the factors listed to be as random as absolutely possible.
Factors include:
  • 1 - 50 = Top 50 finishers from the last two - three years of completing in the GNT
  • 51 - 176 - Individuals that purchase lane bids
  • Mother/Daughter teams that want/need to go together
  • Tri-Gen Teams that want/need to go together
  • Teams (must have a minimum of 5 members to be considered)
  • Out of town racers (those requiring a drive of 6 hours or more), which is based on your registered city.

As mentioned above, most assignments (even most of the ones noted above) are done randomly. Saying all that, just because we put Mother/Daughter or Tri-Gen Teams together as they typically carpool and might have an underage driver, it does not mean they will all be assigned an early or late bid number. Even those are done randoming throughout the day.