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Racer Bib and Numbers


Where do we put all these numbers?

  • Place the TriTats (body tattoos) on your upper right arm and your lower left leg.
  • The bike frame bib number goes on the seat stem, rear stay or tube top.
    *There is a picture of this on your bib pick up envelope.
  • The large (beautifully logo'd) bib should be worn on your body. You may pin it on or use a tri belt. This bib must be worn in the front so it may be easily seen as you run down the finish chute. You do not wear it during the swim and you do not need to wear this bib during the bike, but you must have it on during your run. If it is on your back, please move it to the front for the finish.
  • The other two identical adhesive numbers go on your helmet (on the helmet just above your forehead), and on the front of your bike stand that will be kept in the T1 bike corral at Bartlett High School.

All instructions above will be explained on the envelope that you receive at bib pick up.