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Circle Swimming


You may wonder, “What do these two have in common?” The answer is nothing really; however, you will see racers with lane bids swim side by side with other racers that are circle swimming. Why am I in a lane with three people and the lane next to me only has two?

Lane bid swimming is two people splitting a lane and staying on their own side down and back. Lane bids are for the top 50 starters as well as the individuals that purchased a lane bid so they did not have to circle swim. 

Those that purchased lane bids and those circle swimming will start close to the same time. After the initial 85 that purchased lane bids have completed their swim everyone from that point on will be circle swimming.

Circle swimming is when have three people in a lane. Swimmers will always swim down on your right and then back again on your right.

Some lanes will be designated as bid purchase lanes (splitting a lane) while some lanes will be designated as circle swimming. 


  • Always swim to YOUR right.
  • To pass, firmly tap the foot of the swimmer in front of you and wait to pass at the wall.
  • If your foot is tapped, stop at the wall in the right-hand corner and allow the faster swimmer to pass you.
  • If you find yourself in a lane with a significantly slower swimmer and have the power and availability to pass mid-lane WITHOUT COLLISION or DISRUPTION (i.e., the third swimmer isn't on the other side of the lane heading in your direction), proceed; but only if safe.
  • Be courteous of your lane mates and always use caution.