Race Rules

USAT Number

USAT Number

If you have a USAT membership, you MUST bring your USAT card and a picture I.D. to bib pick up. Don’t have your card or can’t find the card they sent you? No sweat. You may print it out at home or pull it up on your smart phone to show you have a current membership.  

USAT now has a great smartphone app that makes it very easy to show your current membership information. Upload it now before coming to bib pick up!

If you are unable to show proof you are a current USAT member, you will have to purchase or renew your membership, which is $15 (for a day pass). If you think you need to do that, please do it before you show up at bib pick up. You will not be given your registration material without proof.

In addition to your USAT membership card, we also need to see a government-issued picture ID. We know, everyone knows everyone in Alaska, but USAT doesn't know that; they require we look at it.