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*There is the possibility of a course change due to unforseen circumstances*

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Swim Leg - 500 yds in the Bartlett High School swimming pool.

Bike Leg - 12 miles. Retrieve bike from Transition 1 (Bike Corral) and follow the 'Exit Bike' sign out of the parking lot. You will use connector path and ride briefly on Native Heritage driveway entrance. Once you reach Muldoon, turn hard left onto bike path. Ride to Fort Richardson overpass. Cross over the highway and make a left onto the Gunnery Range Frontage Road. Bike to marked turn around and proceed back toward overpass. Bear to the left onto Arctic Valley Road and continue for about a mile. At the stop sign, turn left headingEeast on Arctic Valley Road paralleling the golf course. Bike past the driving range and up a short hill to Transition 2 on your right. Do not dismount until you see signage or hear volunteer asking you to dismount. Leave helmet buckled and on while riding your bike (not prior to dismounting). A volunteer will take your bike and any gear, which will be returned to Transition 1 (Bike Corral) at Bartlett High, most likely within minutes of your finish. A volunteer will also help you locate any gear you left for transport to Transition 2.

Run Leg - 4.1 miles. Run down the hill and cross the bridge. Continue on the tank trail for about 2 miles. Turn right at the fork in the trail. Run on the frontage road and through the tunnel under the Muldoon ramp which is near the Centennial Park Ball Fields. Follow the bike path onto the Muldoon Overpass and continue to the second driveway. Turn right into the Bartlett High entrance and follow the flags and cones to the finish line. Smile - you are a triathlete!

Water, Restrooms and Aid Stations
Water: Mile 6 of the bike, T2, Mile 1 and 2 of the run and the finish area.
Aid Stations: Pool, Ft. Richardson bridge, T2 and volunteers along the run course in direct radio contact to aid stations.
Restrooms: T1, mile 6 of the bike, T2 and the finish area