What do I need to know about the swim?
We provide lap counters and no handlers are allowed. While the lap counters can assist you in getting out of the pool, you might choose an edge lane with easy access to the ladder. You may not wear wet suits, fins, snorkels, or any flotation devices. You can use any combination of swim strokes. Stopping and standing is allowed, but walking or running along the bottom is not. Racers circle swim with three to a lane except seeded athletes and those who paid extra for a lane bid who swim two in a lane.

What might I need for race day?
Swim: suit, goggles, swim cap (if wanted), towel
Bike: helmet, socks, shoes, clothes for layering, number pinned to outer layer or on a number belt
Run: shoes, hat, running clothes

Can I shower after I swim?
Yes! Some women change into their bike clothes in the locker room before heading outside to the transition area; some take a shower and some run outside and jump onto the bikes in their swimming suits. If you want to shower, bring all necessary items onto the pool deck to place under your lap counter’s chair. These items all need to be taken with you after your shower as well.

What do I need to know about the bike?
There is no mandatory bike safety check, but it helps to make sure your bike is in good working order for the race. No tandems, recumbent bicycles, fairings or any other air resistance devices are allowed. Anytime you are on your bicycle, a protective hard shell bicycle helmet must be worn with the chinstraps fastened. This includes during bike drop off.

Will there be aid stations and restrooms on the bike and run course?
Powerade, water and restrooms will be avaliable on both the bike and run legs.

I am not a very strong swimmer!
You do need to complete 500 yards in the pool (10 laps). You may choose the shallow end so you can touch the bottom if needed. Resting is allowed, but you may not pull on the lane lines or run on the bottom.

Can I form a team?
Yes! The top times from 5 racers in your team combine for a team score. Awards for teams are given for Business, School and Open affiliation. All team members must complete the whole race.

Is there a mother-daughter or grandmother-mother-daughter division?
Participants wishing to enter the Mother/Daughter division may make this designation online during registration. You may designate more than one daughter as well. There also is a Tri-Generation division for one grandmother, mother and a daughter. All members need to register and get their own unique link. Mother-daughter teams do not count against your participation in one other corporate, school, or open team.

Why are there time penalties?
We follow the USA Triathlon rules to keep a safe, fair and fun race. Penalties are easily avoided by reading the rules, following instructions in the emails and listening to race officials.Common penalties are for abandoning gear, outside assistance, drafting and helmet infractions. Here is a link to therule book for USA Triathlons.

What is the Release of Information used for?
We may release the names and contact information of registrants to third parties providing support, goods and services to the race such as ASI, the photography company. The online waiver completed in registration provides for the use of event photos on the GNT website. Also, we will be releasing participant information to JBER per their requirements allowing us to use the base property for the run leg of the race.

Can I get a refund for the race since I can’t compete anymore?
Regrettably the Gold Nugget Triathlon will NOT be issuing refunds for ANY reason.  Also, once the lottery is full and registration is closed, there will be no waiting list.

Why do we need USAT membership?
The Gold Nugget Triathlon is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. USAT provides the triathlon with insurance and race support. All participants are required to be members of USAT in order to participate. Annual and single-day memberships are available for participants 18 and over. If you are not an annual member, your race entry form will serve as your one-day membership application. The one-day membership fee of $12 is included in your race fee. If you want to purchase an annual USAT membership, sign up on line at USAT and pay the USAT member amount for the Gold Nugget Triathlon when you register. Then, bring your receipt and/or your membership card to bib pickup. (Bring receipt if you haven’t received your card.) Please use this link for more information about the insurance provided.

When do I get my shirt?
Gold Nugget Triathlon shirts say “Finisher” and are given after you cross the finish line as a triathlete.

Is the GNT part of the Triple Finisher Patch races?
The Gold Nugget Triathlon is one of the four women’s events for which you can earn the Triple Finisher Patch. The other events are the Ski for Women, Run for Women and the Bike for Women.

Timing Chips and Numbers
Race numbers and chips are non-transferable. Transferring your number and/or chip to another participant and/or receiving a transferred number and/or chip will result in disqualification from this and future races. Chips and ankle straps are attached on the pool deck before you swim. There is a $35 fee for lost or damaged chips that must be paid before registering for next year’s race.

Can I be seeded?
If you are a past top 20 overall finisher and want to be seeded, please contact us.

What is the minimum age to compete in the GNT?
You must be 10 years old by 12/31 of the race year.

Is there a relay option?
The GNT is committed to having everyone end the race a triathlete.

Is there any financial assistance?
The Gold Nugget Triathlon will not deny participation because of financial need. Our goal is that all girls and women can participate, regardless of income. For more information on financial assistance, contact the Gold Nugget Board of Directors by March 4 at 8 p.m. Any financial arrangements do not guarantee entry into the race. You must successfully obtain a registration link beginning 3/4/13 at 8p.m., and then use that link to register and pay in full for the race. All negotiated financial assistance arrangements will be handled via refund by Claire after you are registered.