What might I need for race day?

Swim: suit, goggles, swim cap (if wanted), towel

Bike: helmet, socks, shoes, clothes for layering, number pinned to outer layer or on a number belt

Run: shoes, hat, running clothes


When do I get my shirt?

Gold Nugget Triathlon shirts say “Finisher” and are given after you cross the finish line as a triathlete.


Are bike stands available?

Bike stands will be available for purchase at all of the bib pick ups. You can also make your own! Just make sure it can withstand a little jiggling. (We highly recommend decorating it for a little inspiration when you get out of the pool.)




Can I shower after I swim?

Yes! Some women change into their bike clothes in the locker room before heading outside to the transition area; some take a shower and some run outside and jump onto the bikes in their swimming suits. If you want to shower, bring all necessary items onto the pool deck to place under your lap counter’s chair. All items must be taken with you after your shower as well.


What if I am not a very strong swimmer?

You do need to complete 500 yards in the pool (10 laps). You may choose the shallow end so you can touch the bottom if needed. Resting is allowed, but you may not pull on the lane lines or run on the bottom.  The swim portion of GNT is 500 yards, or 10 laps or 20 lengths. (A "lap" is there and back, and a "length" is one time across the pool.)


Pool pointers:

CAP/GOGGLES: Put your swim cap on first. If it's hard to get your swim cap on, dunk it in the water first and then stretch it over your head. Avoid using your finger nails- swim caps tear easily.

Check your goggles. Make sure you have a seal around the rim of your goggles against your face. Dunk under the water before you start swimming to check for leaks.

CIRCLE SWIMMING: You will be "circle swimming." What that means is, you will always stay on the right side of your swim lane. There will be other people in the lane with you, so everyone should stay on the right side at all times. Swim down the lane on the right side, merge to the left at the wall and push off and return on the right side of the lane coming back.

HOW TO PASS or HOW TO GET PASSED: If you feel you are swimming faster than the person in front of you, you may pass them. As you catch up to the swimmer ahead of you, tap them on the bottom of the foot. The person whose foot has been tapped should keep swimming until they reach the end of the lane. Once they reach the wall, they should pull over and stand as far to the corner as possible and let the other swimmer pass, then immediately duck in and start swimming again.

RESTING: If you need to stop and rest, you may do so. If you are resting at the end of the lane, please stand in the far corner and try not to get in the way of other swimmers in your lane. If you need to stop in the middle of the lane, you may stand still on the side, but you are not allowed to walk on the bottom of the pool.

Can I be seeded?

The previous year’s top 50 finishers will be eligible to be seeded in this year’s race. Any seeded spots not accepted by the previous year’s top 50 finishers will be filled with top finishers from other recent GNT races, at the race director’s discretion. As with all GNT racer slots, seeded positions are nontransferable.


Is the GNT part of the Triple Finisher Patch races?

The Gold Nugget Triathlon is one of the four women’s events for which you can earn the Triple Finisher Patch. The other events are the Ski for Women, Run for Women and the Bike for Women.


What is the minimum age to compete in the GNT?

You must be 10 years old by 12/31 of the race year.


Can I get a refund for the race since I can’t compete anymore?

Regrettably the Gold Nugget Triathlon will NOT be issuing refunds for ANY reason.  Also, once the lottery is full and registration is closed, there will be no waiting list.


What is the Release of Information used for?

We may release the names and contact information of registrants to third parties providing support, goods and services to the race such as the race's photography company. The online waiver completed in registration provides for the use of event photos on the GNT website. Also, we will release participant information to JBER if required to use the base property for the bike or run leg of the race.


Is there a relay option?

The GNT is committed to having everyone end the race a triathlete, having completed all three disciplines of the race.


Is there any financial assistance?

The Gold Nugget Triathlon will not deny participation because of financial need. Our goal is that all girls and women can participate, regardless of income. For more information on financial assistance, contact the Gold Nugget Board of Directors well before registration. Any financial arrangements do not guarantee entry into the race. You must successfully obtain a registration link during the registration process and then follow further direction from the GNT Board, as arranged prior to the initial registration.


Scholarships: Applicants interested in being considered for a GNT Scholarship (to cover the cost of the registration fee) must register on March 3rd and receive a unique web link. If you receive a slot AND are pre-approved for a GNT Scholarship (see below), a GNT Board member will contact you to complete the registration.

Scholarship Application is available here.  Applications must be received no later than Monday, February 23rd.


Why do we need USAT membership?

The Gold Nugget Triathlon is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. USAT provides the triathlon with insurance and race support. All participants are required to be members of USAT in order to participate. Annual and single-day memberships are available for participants 18 and over. If you are not an annual member, your race entry form will serve as your one-day membership application. The one-day membership fee of $12 is included in your race fee. If you want to purchase an annual USAT membership, sign up on line at USAT and pay the USAT member amount for the Gold Nugget Triathlon when you register. Then, bring your receipt and/or your membership card to bib pickup. (Bring receipt if you haven’t received your card.) Please use this link for more information about the insurance provided.