2018 Results

Congratulations 2018 Gold Nugget Triathlon finishers!

2018 Results

For the many of you that were stopped at T2 due to the local resident black bears we are sorry; but the time you waited for the bears to come down out of the tree will unfortunately not be deducted from your overall time. Although the T2 Director did start her watch to determine the length of time racers were held up, it is simply impossible to determine how long an individual racer was waiting since everyone arrived into T2 at different times. With this being beyond our control we will not be able to adjust your race time.

USAT official ruling

Triathlon is scored by time. The object of each participant is to accumulate the lowest aggregate time when crossing the finish line. The time for each participant commences with the starting time of the participant's assigned wave or group. The time continues, uninterrupted, until the participant completes the race by crossing the finish line. A participant's official time shall include his total elapsed time plus any assessed time penalties. Official overall results shall list all participants ranked in order of their official time, sorted by least time to greatest time. A participant that receives a Disqualification shall not have a finish time listed in the official overall results.

There shall be no adjustment to any participant's total elapsed time for any reason other than the addition of penalty time.
Adverse effects on overall time caused by delays on course due to traffic, accidents, trains, or straying off course are considered part of the participant's time and may not be mitigated by "adjustment."

Visit the USAT page for Timers for additional information.