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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. Registration sold out in about 30 minutes in 2018. Some say that the GNT is really FOUR events: Swim, Bike, Run and Registration. 


$75.00 - Adults 18 & over
$45.00 - Youth ages 10 - 17
(note: age is based on what age you are on 12/31/18, not your age at the time of registration or race date)


The Gold Nugget Triathlon will not deny participation because of financial need. Our goal is that all girls and women can participate, regardless of income. For more information on financial assistance, contact the Gold Nugget Board of Directors well before registration. Any financial arrangements do not guarantee entry into the race. You must successfully obtain a registration link during the registration process and then follow further direction from the GNT Board, as arranged prior to the initial registration. Scholarships: Applicants interested in being considered for a GNT Scholarship (to cover the cost of the registration fee) must register on March 1st and receive a unique web link. If you receive a slot AND are pre-approved for a GNT Scholarship, a GNT Board member will contact you to complete the registration. Scholarship Application is available here. Applications must be received no later than Friday, February 22, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.


Gold Nugget Triathlon ("GNT") will be using ChronoTrack, the same registration platform that was used last year. Many of you will recognize it as it is used by many events (especially running events) across the country and in Alaska. 


Do this any time before March 6, 2019. Pre-registration is super easy and quick. HOWEVER, if you want to experience lighting speed consider setting up a Chronotrack profile before March 6th. If you don’t already have one, use this link to set up your profile.

Each person in your family registering for the GNT should have their own profile. Setting up a profile is not mandatory, you can also select “continue as a guest” if you choose to register as a guest, but it may slow down your registration process as you will be asked to enter all the information that is already stored in your profile if set up in advance.

ChronoTrack or Athlinks:

You can use either one; however Athlinks is a big slower than ChronoTrack. Here’s the difference: Being pre-logged into a CT account will bypass the login screen and put you right at the reg option select screen. Being pre-logged into an Athlinks account won’t bypass by the log in ask screen. You still have to click the button to log in, but it won’t ask for your password, it just goes to the reg option select screen.


(this is actually Pre-Registration) - At 8:00 p.m. sharp, a link will be posted on the GNT website. If your profile has already been set up, then when you click on the link to pre-registration, click on “Gold Nugget Pre-Registration” and the next screen will automatically populate with your profile information. Boom! You don’t even have to fill in the requested info – it’s already there.

If you have a profile but are not yet logged in (either because you previously logged out or your computer doesn’t remember cookies). You can assure you are signed in by clicking on this link first – ** Remember you will still need to use the link posted on the website to actually register.

If at the beginning of the pre-registration process you are asked to log in to proceed, and you already have a ChronoTrack profile, click on the orange ChronoTrack button at the bottom of the page and NOT the ATHLINK button at the top.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Next….. Agree to the terms and Sign the Waivers and you’re done!


When you successfully register you will receive TWO emails:
  1. The first email will come immediately following your successful pre-registration indicating you got in - yippee….. and
  2. The second email, will arrive sometime in the next few hours (or sooner) with a unique code you will need in submitting your full registration.

Other Registration Details


Form a team in the Gold Nugget

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Is there a relay team?

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Is there a relay option? There are no relay teams in the Gold Nugget Tri. The GNT is committed to having everyone end the race a triathlete, having completed all three disciplines of the race.  [...]

Triple Patch

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Bib Order Start Times

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Bib Assignments

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USAT Number

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USAT Number If you have a USAT membership, you MUST bring your USAT card and a picture I.D. to bib pick up. Don’t have your card or can’t find the card they sent you? No sweat. You may print it out at home or pull it up on your smart phone t [...]

Bib Pick Up Dates

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