Parking & spectator information



Saturday, May 16,   3:30 - 8:30 p.m. (bike drop off):

You must park at the new VA Center parking lot just past Bartlett High School on the right.  From the VA, it is a short walk to the transition area using the west Bartlett driveway. Please do not park in any of the Bartlett lots or along the Bartlett entry road. You will be towed if you park in any Bartlett areas.

Sunday, May 17:

Carpooling is strongly encouraged!

Parking before 8:30 a.m. is in the back (east) Bartlett parking lot.  Turn right at the first stoplight into Bartlett High School/Native Heritage Center and follow the road to the Bartlett back lot parking area.   If you are parked in this lot, you will face delays exiting the area as you will have to cross the run course to exit.  Please follow the directions of the volunteers when exiting.

Parking after 8:30 a.m. is in the Tikahtnu Commons parking lot. Turn left at the SECOND stoplight and follow the GNT signs and volunteers who will guide you to the designated parking. Please only park where you are instructed since we are in this lot with permission of Tikahtnu and want to be good parking neighbors with them. Walk to Bartlett on the main Tikahtnu sidewalk crossing at the west crosswalk toward the VA Hospital. After crossing, it is a short walk to Bartlett using the west Bartlett driveway. There will be bike vans coming and going on this roadway so please walk on the sides when possible. Vendors, bike transition area and walkways to the pool area are clearly marked at the end of this driveway. Please use this same route when returning from Bartlett after your race.

No racer/spectator motor homes will be permitted in designated GNT parking areas or at Tikahtnu Commons. Our race has grown and parking is at a premium for our racers, volunteers and spectators. We are very grateful to our parking sponsors for allowing us to use their lots.

Handicap and media parking will be permitted in the parking lot in front of the main entrance door at Bartlett. Just talk with the volunteer at the Bartlett entrance if you want to use this area. A Handicapped sticker is required.

NOTE.  This area will be very busy with traffic going in and out of the base, into Tikahtnu Commons, the Native Heritage Center and the GNT. Please obey all traffic rules, crossing only at the stoplights and crosswalks. We want to be good neighbors so these folks will want us to come back.


Thank you for supporting these amazing athletes. Please follow directions from all volunteers and race officials. You also should read the list of commonly violated USAT rules here. You can cheer on your racer, but can't offer any assistance such as helping change a flat or providing pacing.

To view the swim, enter the pool building and take the stairs on your right. The racers will exit the building from the doors on the left near the tennis courts. They will bike along the highway and run back to the finish line at Bartlett High School. There is no place to park along the Arctic Valley Road and at T2. Any cars will be asked to turn around and this might cause you to miss your racer finish.

Please stay and visit the vendors and cheer on the other racers! We will have food vendors, a booth to make a sign for your racer, food trucks and even a bouncy house for the kiddos!

No dogs are allowed in the finish line area. This is a very crowded area with a loud sound system. Please leave your four legged friends at home!