SWIM 500y • BIKE 12mi • RUN 4.1mi

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May 20, 2018




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March 1, 2018



Congratulations to all of the 2017 Gold Nugget Triathlon finishers!


Check out the unofficial results.

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2017 Post Race News: banquet, lost and found, timing questions, and more!

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Read more racer information, from swim, transition, bike, and run, in the 2017 Enews issues below.


Racer News

- 2017 Racer News #1: You Got In - Start Your Engines

- 2017 Racer News #2:  Bib assignments & It's Swim Time

- 2017 Racer News #3:  Bike & More!

- 2017 Racer News #4:  The Run & More!

- 2017 Racer News #5:  Countdown to Race Day!


General Email News




About this year's race logo:

Debbie Barker was born and raised in Anchorage and loves all things Alaska!  She was blessed to acquire her mother's gift for teaching and her father's meticulous attention to detail, and uses both in her job as a high school counselor and artist.  Drawing on her memories of camping in the great outdoors, fishing in Resurrection Bay, and hiking in the deep woods, Debbie creates artwork in various media that exemplifies the natural wonder of our great state.



Need inspiration for getting through training?  Feeling a little nervous about the race?  Click below for inspiration and quotes from past racers!




Swim: 500 yards

500 yds in the Bartlett High School swimming pool.


Bike: 12 miles

Retrieve bike from Transition 1 (Bike Corral) and follow the 'Exit Bike' sign out of the parking lot. You will use connector path and ride briefly on Native Heritage driveway entrance. Once you reach Muldoon, turn hard left onto bike path. Ride to Fort Richardson overpass. Cross over the highway and make a left onto the Gunnery Range Frontage Road. Bike to marked turn around and proceed back toward overpass. Bear to the left onto Arctic Valley Road and continue for about a mile. At the stop sign, turn left heading east on Arctic Valley Road paralleling the golf course. Bike past the driving range and up a short hill to Transition 2 on your right. Do not dismount until you see signs or hear volunteers asking you to dismount. Leave helmet buckled and on while riding your bike (not prior to dismounting). A volunteer will take your bike and any gear, which will be returned to Transition 1 (Bike Corral) at Bartlett High.  A volunteer will also help you locate any gear you left for transport to Transition 2.


Run: 4.1 miles

Run down the hill and cross the bridge. Continue on the tank trail for about 2 miles. Turn right at the fork in the trail. Run on the frontage road and through the tunnel under the Muldoon ramp which is near the Centennial Park Ball Fields. Follow the bike path onto the Muldoon Overpass and continue to the second driveway. Turn right into the Bartlett High entrance and follow the flags and cones to the finish line. Smile - you are a triathlete!


Water, Restrooms and Aid Stations

Water: Mile 6 of the bike, T2, Mile 1 and 2 of the run and the finish area.

Aid Stations: Pool, Ft. Richardson bridge, T2 and volunteers along the run course in direct radio contact to aid stations.

Restrooms: T1, mile 6 of the bike, T2 and the finish area



Click on the map to enlarge



  • Tuesday, May 16th - 4:30 - 6:30pm: Trek Store (530 East Benson Blvd)
  • Wednesday, May 17th - 4:30 - 6:30pm: Skinny Raven Sports (800 H St (downtown))
  • Saturday, May 20th - 3:00 - 7:00pm: Bartlett High School (during bikedrop off)


Must HAVES for Bib Pick up:

  • All racers must present your photo ID and pick up your bib in person.
  • If you are a USAT member, you must also present your USAT membership card to receive your bib.
  • Your bib cannot be picked up by a friend.
  • Parents may pick up for their minor child – but not for any racer 18-years old or older.




Saturday, May 20: 3:00 - 7:00pm at Bartlett High School


All racers must park at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Center parking lot. From the VA, it is a short walk to the transition area using the west Bartlett driveway. Do not park in any of the Bartlett lots or along the Bartlett entry road or you will be towed. Only racers and one assistant (friend or family member) are allowed in the transition area. If you are unable to drop off your bike at this time, another racer can bring your bike; however a race official will have to place the bike in the corral for them. They will not be allowed in the corral area to set your items up.  The corral will be available from 7:00 - 8:30am the morning of the event for you to drop off any other items you did not want to leave on Saturday.  No one will be allowed in the area for set up after 8:30 am due to racer activity in the transition area.  Bikes will be secured in the transition area overnight.



On-Deck Swim Times


What is the ultimate goal of changing the “on deck” times for race starts?  Hopefully racers will spend less time standing in line waiting for their swim to start.  Hip hip hooray!


While there are many variables that determine your bib assignments, those same variables make estimating your time to be on the pool deck, and ready for the swim portion of your triathlon, a challenge.


Based on an average swim time and how many swimmers may complete the first of their trifecta within an hour, we have made some changes to the “Time To Be On Deck For Your Swim” schedule. While these changes make it appear that many bib numbers will be asked to be on deck later, it is our intent that you will subsequently stand in line for less time and actually start your swim time earlier than in previous years.


Bib # Start                   Bib # End              On Deck

1                                  50                          8:30 am

51                                240                        9:00 am

241                              500                        10:00 am

501                              750                        11:00 am

751                              1000                      12:00 pm

1001                            1250                       1:00 pm

1251                            1500                       2:00 pm

1501                            1625                       3:00 pm


Can you define On Deck time?  On Deck means on the deck of the pool and in line.  You should give yourself an hour prior to your on deck time to pick up your swim card, get marked, go to the bathroom, have a drink of water or a bite of your nutritional bar, warm up in the center pool and be ready for your on deck time.


Watch for swim information, from circle swim etiquette to all sorts of FAQ’s coming out in the pre-race E-Newsletters


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Click here to read about:

  • General Race Rules
  • Race Day Parking
  • Race Photographers
  • Spectators – Where to watch the race
  • Awards Banquet


Want to put a smile on your face and check out common USAT race violations and penalties?  Click here.

Please attach your chip around your ankle before moving to the pool deck. A volunteer will mark your body and give you a swim card where your lap counter writes your swim time. There is a small lane for warming up before you cross to the other side of the pool and choose the shallow or deep end for your swim.


There are many clinics in town that specialize in either triathlon training, or specific clinics and resources for each discipline within triathlon.



Masters Swimming: Team practices with coaching, ideal for people who can swim freestyle reasonably well, and can swim for more than 1,000 yards in one practice.


Adult Swim Lessons: For those who are not comfortable participating in a structured practice with a team, or are not proficient enough at any of the strokes. Some venues providing lessons include:


If you are swimming on your own, there are several pools in the Anchorage area that offer lap swim time:

  • UAA
  • APU
  • YMCA
  • High School pools (Municipality of Anchorage)



Road biking training and racing: Arctic Bicycle Club

Mountain biking: Alaska Dirt Divas

For indoor biking, considering purchasing a wind-trainer, so you can practice riding your own bike in the off season.  There are also stationary bikes and spin classes at most local athletic clubs.  You can also find many indoor bike workouts online.



Local running events and training:


Indoor running tracks:



The Alaska Triathlon Club works  to foster the sport of triathlon at all levels, from beginners to seasoned racers. The club offers a variety of clinics throughout the months leading up to the Gold Nugget Triathlon, as well as races later in the summer.


Multisport Training of Alaska offers a comprehensive package of clinics and training sessions. Owned and operated by Lisa Keller, workouts are available for every level of fitness and expertise.


Turnagain Training offers individualized coaching, pre-established training plans, swim  and run analysis, and nutritional counseling.


The Alaska Club offers a variety of programs and clinics to prepare their members (and nonmembers) for triathlons.


There are several online sites that offer comprehensive training programs to prepare for triathlons. is geared mainly for new triathletes and offers FREE information. For general information on the sport of triathlon, racing tips, race and event schedules, and rules visit the USA Triathlon.


Past Winners

2017:  Kinsey Laine, 1:04:23

2016:  Kinsey Laine, 1:04:42

2015:  Kinsey Laine, 1:07:20.8

2014:  Amber Stull, 1:08:38.30

2013:  Amber Stull, 1:12:17.61

2012:  Amber Stull, 1:08:49

2011:  Shannon Donley, 1:05:07

2010:  Shannon Donley, 1:05:19



Awards  • Most ImprovedSchool Team  • Tri GenerationMother/Daughter

Business TeamOpen TeamSearchable Results



Overall  • Most ImprovedSchool Team  • Tri GenerationMother/Daughter

Business TeamOpen TeamAge Group  • Searchable Results

Overall with Splits  • Swim Split  • T1  • Bike SplitT2Run Split



Overall  •  Most Improved •  School Team  •  Tri Generation  •  Mother/Daughter  Business TeamOpen Team  •  Age Group  •  Searchable Results

Swim Split  •  T1  •  Bike Split •  T2  •  Run Split



Overall  •  Most Improved  •  School Team  •  Tri Generation  •  Mother/Daughter  Business Team  •  Open Team  •  Age Group  •  Searchable Results

Swim Split  •  T1  •  Bike Split  •  T2  •  Run Split



Overall  •  Most Improved  •  School Team  •  Tri Generation  •  Mother/Daughter  Business Team  •  Open Team  •  Age Group

Swim Split  • T1  •  Bike Split  •  T2  •  Run Split



Overall  •  Most Improved  •  Tri Generation  •  Mother/Daughter

Business Team  •  Open Team  •  Age Group

Swim Split  •  Bike Spli  •  Run Split


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Click here for some advice to beginners:

  • Triathlon Basics
  • How do I start training for a triathlon if I'm not all that athletic right now?
  • What other kinds of things do I need to do to be prepared for race day?


2017 Swim Opportunities!

The Gold Nugget Triathlon Board of Directors will host a workshop for first time racers.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017
6:00 – 8:00pm
Bartlett High School Pool

The workshop will start with an informational session covering the basics of the race followed by an opportunity to get into the Bartlett pool with pros on the deck to answer questions about the swim portion of the race.
Register Now – open to the first 100 women to sign up.


Race Photography

Want to remember your awesome race?  Looking for a special gift for your favorite triathlete?  Make sure to check out the great race photography from Alaska's Focus Photography at their website:

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Looking for older race times?


2011  •  2010 •  2009  •  2008

2007  •  2006  •  2005  •  2004


•  What do I need to know about the swim?

We provide lap counters and no handlers are allowed. While the lap counters can assist you in getting out of the pool, you might choose an edge lane with easy access to the ladder. You may not wear wet suits, fins, snorkels, or any flotation devices. You can use any combination of swim strokes. Stopping and standing is allowed, but walking or running along the bottom is not. Racers circle swim with three to a lane except seeded athletes and those who paid extra for a lane bid who swim two in a lane.


•  What do I need to know about the bike?

There is no mandatory bike safety check, but it helps to make sure your bike is in good working order for the race. No tandems, recumbent bicycles, fairings or any other air resistance devices are allowed. (Exceptions for disabilities are at the Race Director's discretion.) Anytime you are on your bicycle, a protective hard shell bicycle helmet must be worn with the chinstraps fastened. This includes during bike drop off.


•  Will there be aid stations and restrooms on the bike and run course?

Powerade, water and restrooms will be available on both the bike and run legs.


•  Can I form a team?

Yes! The top times from 5 racers in your team combine for a team score. Awards for teams are given for Business, School and Open affiliation. All team members must complete the whole race.

  • Business:  Team members who work for the same company
  • Schools:  All team members must be current students (no teachers or staff members) and in good standing from the same school
  • Open: Any group of people


•  Is there a mother-daughter or grandmother-mother-daughter division?

Participants wishing to enter the Mother/Daughter division may make this designation online during registration.  You may designate more than one daughter as well. There also is a Tri-Generation division for one grandmother, mother and a daughter. All members need to register and get their own unique link. Racers can be a Mother-Daughter team, or a Tr-Generation Team, but not both.  Mother-daughter teams do not count against your participation in one other corporate, school, or open team.


•  Why are there time penalties?

We follow the USA Triathlon rules to keep a safe, fair and fun race. Penalties are easily avoided by reading the rules, following instructions in the emails and listening to race officials. Common penalties are for abandoning gear, outside assistance, drafting and helmet infractions. Here is a link to the rule book for USA Triathlons.


•  Can I give my timing chip and number to a friend?

Race numbers and chips are non-transferable. Transferring your number and/or chip to another participant and/or receiving a transferred number and/or chip will result in disqualification from this and future races. Chips and ankle straps will be distributed at bib pick-up. Bring them with you to the race!


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Click here for some more FAQ's like:


  • What might I need for race day?
  • When do I get my shirt?
  • Can I shower after I swim?
  • What if I am not a very strong swimmer?
  • Can I be seeded?
  • Is the GNT part of the Triple Finisher Patch races?
  • What is the minimum age to compete in the GNT?
  • Can I get a refund for the race since I can't compete anymore?
  • What is the Release of Information used for?
  • Is there a relay option?
  • Is there any financial assistance?
  • Why do we need USAT membership?




Want to be a vendor?


The Alaska Women’s Gold Nugget Triathlon welcomes vendors to participate in the event in the Vendor area at the main event venue/finish line.


Click here for more information!








The Gold Nugget Triathlon would not be possible

without our volunteers! Volunteers make a difference

for each and every racer and are part of what make

the GNT so special.  Over 70% of the volunteers are

racers. Family members and friends make great volunteers too!


Possible volunteer opportunities include:

  •  Bib pick-ups
  •  Saturday Set-Up
  •  Lap Counters & Pool Deck Support
  •  Spectator Support (Parking, Traffic Control, Course Guides)
  •  Transition support
  •  Finish Line
  •  Clean-up
  •  Banquet


... and more!


If you have questions, please contact us!



Over 500 volunteers support the race

each year!

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"A Woman's fitness event encouraging women of all ages and abilities to participate."


The Gold Nugget Triathlon mission is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through athletics.


The Gold Nugget Triathlon Board of Directors believes that our women’s triathlon is more than just a one-day event.  Women and girls train for this event year-round and many sign up as a way of kick-starting a brand new training and fitness regime. They often find this to be a life changing experience. Mothers and daughters train for this event together, as do groups of friends and colleagues.


The Alaska Women’s Gold Nugget Triathlon is put on every year by Gold Nugget Triathlon, Inc. (GNT), a not-for-profit organization founded in 2003.  Since 2003, there is a Board of Directors (who are entirely volunteers, with no paid positions or monetary compensation of any kind) which oversees the staging of the event and the other activities which the organization sponsors. The GNT contracts for certain services such as race management, timing, traffic control, course logistics and registration support. During the weekend of the race, and particularly on race day, several hundred more volunteers are needed to make the event run smoothly.  We are very grateful to all who volunteer to make our event so fun and special for our participants!


Gold Nugget Triathlon Inc. became a not-for-profit in part so that we could receive tax-deductible donations.  Most donations received go towards staging the event, which is an extremely costly endeavor. There are some years in which the race yields a profit, which we then try to spend in ways that fulfill our mission. In the past, we provide financial assistance to participants for whom the entry fee is prohibitive, donated to several high school triathlon teams, other Triple Patch events (Ski, BIke and Run for Women), Girls on the Run, Diabetes Organizations, Running Free Alaska, Let Every Woman Know, and to the all-girls' ski event "Fast & Female."


The Gold Nugget Triathlon is run by a volunteer board of committed directors, all of whom are interested in advancing sports for women of all abilities:

Lia Keller (President), Claire Norton-Cruz, Betsy Haines, Diane Barnett, Shannon Donley, Rose VanHemert, Trudy Keller (Secretary), Lynda Limón, Jennifer Schrage, Micaela Jones, Kristen Droge (Treasurer),  Mary Vollendorf (Vice President) , Sarah Miller


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