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Date and details to be updated when 2020 GNT race plan is confirmed. Visit the COVID-19 Race Updates page for more information


Saturday, date TBD 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Mandatory bike drop off
ALL racers must park at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Center parking lot just past the entrance to Bartlett High School. Please use the entrance directly into the parking lot that is immediately after the second light. Follow the signs. From the VA, it is a short walk to the T1/ bike corral at Bartlett High School using the west Bartlett High School driveway. There will be volunteers directing you. PLEASE, do not park in any of the Bartlett High School parking lots or along the Bartlett High School entry road. Your vehicle will be towed!

Sunday, date TBD 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  
Race day 
Carpooling is strongly encouraged. There will be no general parking at Bartlett High School on race day. Race day parking is in the Tikahtnu Commons parking lot. For access to GNT parking, turn left at the second traffic light. Please do not try to gain entry via the first entrance. Tikahtnu Commons has designated a specific area for GNT racers and spectators located in the former Sam’s Club parking area; please park in this area ONLY so we will be invited back in future years. There will be flaggers and parking volunteers to help direct you. 

Handicap and media parking
Handicap and media parking is in the south Bartlett High School parking lot; accessed by turning right at the first traffic light into Bartlett High School/Alaska Native Heritage Center. Follow the directions of the volunteers and signage.

Only vehicles displaying a state issued disability parking permit or registered media with a media pass will be allowed to park in the south side of Bartlett High School.

* No racer/spectator RVs or motorhomes will be permitted in designated GNT parking areas. Our race has grown and parking is at a premium for our racers, volunteers, and spectators. We are very grateful to our parking partners for allowing us to use their lots.

Note: the GNT works closely with the neighboring businesses who generously allow use of their parking facilities for the event. Please use the designated GNT parking areas only and follow instructions from all volunteers.

Parking Map