Day of Race, Logistics


Spectators help make the event fun! Join the many spectators and fans at Bartlett High School, to cheer on your mom/aunt/grandma/wife/sister/friend. The festivities at Bartlett include vendors, music, announcements and a lot of fun things to keep the kids entertained while they are waiting for their racer to finish. While some of the course is open to the public, most of it is closed except to racers (such as the multi-use trail along Glenn Highway, Gunnery Range Road, T2, the run course on the tank trails and Star View Drive).

Please kindly ask your family and friends not go out onto the course to follow you. For the safety of all, ask your family and friends to cheer for you at Bartlett High School. Access to the course is limited to racers and volunteers only.

There is NO spectator parking at T2. That transition area is extremely crowded and busy with racers, volunteers, and the momentum of FedEx trucks returning bikes to T1. Thank you for your understanding. Communicate this to your family and friends!

Please obey all traffic rules, crossing only at the stoplights and crosswalks. Please use the porta-potties provided by GNT in the Tikhatnu and VA parking lots and Bartlett HS. Additional restrooms are available throughout the venue. 

Pets: Please ask your friends and family members to leave their pets at home!