Sport Tattoo's

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Body Marking--Sport Tats or race tattoos. You will receive two strips in your race packet. Use one strip (logo and all) on your upper right arm and one on your lower left leg. It is suggested you apply the Sport Tats the night be [...]

Transferring my Chip and Bib

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Can I give my timing chip and number to a friend? Race numbers and chips are non-transferable. Transferring your number and/or chip to another participant and/or receiving a transferred number and/or chip will result in disqualification fro [...]

Racer Bib and Numbers

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RACER BIB & NUMBERS Where do we put all these numbers? TATTOOS - Place the Sports Tattoo (body tattoos) on your upper right arm and your lower left leg. BIKE NUMBER - The bike frame bib number goes on the seat stem, rear stay or tu [...]

Equipment on the Pool Deck

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What equipment may I take onto the pool deck with me? You may take whatever will fit under the seat of your lap counter. There is not a lot of space. Also understand that any items you bring into the pool area could get wet. What you bring i [...]

Safety First

  • Gear, Bike, Logistics
Safety FIRST! Helmets - on your heads, please! If the wheels of your bike are moving and you are straddling your bike, sitting "lady-like" on the top tube or sitting on the seat, your helmet MUST be on your head AND strapped. This is before, duri [...]

Accessories and Equipment

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Fitbit, Garmin and other fitness devices may be worn during the race. Cellular and smart phones may also be used (Note: No device may be used as a personal audio device, and headphones are strictly prohibited throughout the entire race).  [...]

Bike Stands

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BIKE STANDS - everyone must have a bike stand (and please make sure they are sturdy!) Make sure you have a well-built, solid bike stand to keep your bike upright in the transition area. Please test your bike in your bike stand prior to [...]

Timing Chip

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What's this chip everyone is talking about? At bib pick up, you will receive a timing chip. Do not trade or use anyone else’s chip. Each chip has a unique number assigned to your bib number to accurately provide split times and final fini [...]

Gear Drop

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GEAR DROP Date and details to be updated when 2020 GNT race plan is confirmed. Visit the COVID-19 Race Updates (/news/covid-19-race-updates) page for more information There are TWO (2) Gear Drops: 1) T2 - For those wanti [...]